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Oceans Of Fun
November 03, 2011

    There have been many things buzzing around Key West and the Curry Mansion lately. Fantasy Fest was truly amazing this year with all the under water costumes and floats. It was great to see all the jelly fish, mermaids, and other sea creatures come to life on the streets of Duval.
    The mansion won first place for decorations with our Oceans of Fun theme. The giant Octopus and Miss Edith’s submarine were great additives to the many fish, sharks, turtles and sea horses we had swimming around the house.
  We are all so happy that the weather held up for the week. Everyone was a bit nervous when we saw signs of hurricane Irene on the Gulf of Mexico, but we had no problems. The weather ended up being days filled with sunshine and a nice breeze running though the island. Perfection!