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Summer is slipping away.
September 09, 2010

Edith has been up north all summer, but will be back in a coupe of weeks.  The weather in the far northeastern US, along the Canadian border, was the best in years.  We are looking forward to her being in her southern home once again, we know that fun events and parties follow her coming back to Key West! 
We are busy planning our Halloween decorations for the Mansion and our costumes for Fantasy Fest.  Looking forward to the Poker Run next weekend, it is fun to see all the beautiful motorcycles parked out front and up and down Duval Street. 
This is a great time of year to visit Key West, the crowds have thinned, the air is cooler and yet there is an air of excitement because our creative juices are flowing preparing for Poker Run, Goombay, Fantasy Fest, MOTM, Offshore Power Boat Races, the holidays and then season!